Indian Railway Train Status

Checking Indian Railway Train Status Gets You All Details on Trains


Checking Indian Railway train status is possible online on the website of Indian Railways and IRCTC, and at the enquiry counter in the railway station. Enquiring through travel agents, call centers and via mobile phones are other methods to know the timings of the trains. This helps you to plan and reach the station in time to board the train. Having scanty knowledge about the arrival and departure of trains may lead you to having to wait at the station for hours or even missing the train.


The PNR status and the seat availability enquiry are possible online from 12.30 am to 11.30 pm. It means that you can reserve your tickets 23 hours a day. Other enquiries such as trains between stations, ticket prices, train time table, route, etc are possible 24 hours a day. By giving the five-digit code number of the train you will get all details on a particular train like the routes, source and destination stations, stations where it has stoppages, arrival and departure time of the train at each station, seat availability and the prices of tickets in each class of travel.

To check the PNR status of your ticket, you have to provide the 10-digit PNR number given on the ticket. This will give you all details you need. By checking the Indian Railway train status, you will get all the necessary information on trains, which helps you to book tickets in the most suitable train. This will ensure you a happy and tension-free journey.

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