Indian Railway Train Status

Use the Indian Railway Train Status Facility for Train Tracking In Real Time!

Any travelers commuting by train to various destinations of interest will be aware of inadvertent delays in arrivals, especially over long journeys. In such cases, it becomes important for the family to be aware of any changes in the train schedule to make appropriate arrangements. Previously, it was difficult to track a train's running status and one had to rely on the station master for regular updates. With the IRCTC website, it is now possible to track a train's status over the internet and update oneself with information regarding delay and arrival time. With smartphones and tablets offering browsing capabilities, tracking a train's status has become very easy for friend and family members of travelers. The IRCTC website offers visitors a link to the Indian Railway train status. All one has to do is login to the website with his or her credentials and navigate to the 'Enquiry' section. After hitting the appropriate link, one has to simply key in the train number or name in the search box to pull up details about the running status and arrival time.

The IRCTC website is very well designed and aims to give a domestic or foreign traveler all the information he or she needs to organize an itinerary for a trip around India. Besides ticket booking, reservation status, hotel accommodation and flight status, the Indian Railway train status feature is an excellent addition to the website as it offers a real-time feed of the train status. Keeping track of your friend or relative's train schedule is very easy with the train tracking facility!

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