Indian Railway Train Status

Indian Railway Ticket Reservation and Train PNR Status
17.07.2013 10:31

There are many low-cost flying options lately with all the budget airlines, but you can see it has little affected the craze for train travel among the common people in India. With more and more facilities and flexibility and comfort than that of air travel being offered, Indian Railways remains the most popular choice for many thousands of domestic travelers in the country. There are more trains being introduced every once in a while to meet this increased demand by the Rail Ministry. There are also many other sophisticated features also being offered by the Indian Railways providing more comfort to the passengers like online ticket reservation and train PNR status check online, etc.

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC is well-known lately for its offering of flawless online ticket booking facility through the official website. Through the IRCTC portal, you can do many things like rail trip planning, purchasing tour packages, as well as outstation journey ticket reservation, etc., very comfortably from your home or office, anytime anywhere. The ticket booking is open 3 months prior to the journey for long-distance trains as well 30 days prior to journey for short-distance trains. On doing a ticket reservation for any of the Indian Railways trains, you may need to check the status of booking frequently through the application called train PNR status check.

PNR mean Passenger Name Record and it is a 10-digit number issued to you on booking a ticket by the centralized reservation system of the railways. By entering this number at the space provided in the IRCTC website, you will get the status update of your ticket anytime to see whether your ticket is confirmed or canceled.

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