Indian Railway Train Status

Checking Indian Railway Train Status Gets You All Details on Trains

Checking Indian Railway train status is possible online on the website of Indian Railways and IRCTC, and at the enquiry counter in the railway station. Enquiring through travel agents, call centers and via mobile phones are other methods to know the timings of the trains.


Use the Indian Railway Train Status Facility for Train Tracking In Real Time!

Any travelers commuting by train to various destinations of interest will be aware of inadvertent delays in arrivals, especially over long journeys. In such cases, it becomes important for the family to be aware of any changes in the train schedule to make appropriate arrangements.

  • Indian Railway Ticket Reservation and Train PNR Status - 17. Jul 2013
    There are many low-cost flying options lately with all the budget airlines, but you can see it has little affected the craze for train travel among the common people in India. With more and more facilities and flexibility and comfort than that of air travel being offered, Indian Railways remains the... mehr

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